polytekton is the synonym of Mikesch Muecke, a German-born designer and academic who lives and works in the United States. The work of polytekton is disseminated through academic, commercial, and philanthropic venues that are part of a larger network of interdisciplinary endeavors concerned with the built/unbuilt environment in its material, historical, cultural, theoretical, and temporal representations. In other words, we (the royal we of The Big Lebowski) enjoy the following activities: imagine, draw, think, make, build, write, design, and publish.

In its earlier incarnation as mikeschDesign polytekton has been web-accessible since the mid-1990s but its origins go back to the 1970s when its founder began his career as an itinerant artist, producing drawings, paintings, and murals on automobiles and buildings in Germany and Canada, then advanced this loose artistic vector many undescribed years later—following an academic career—into a full-time calling as a designer, researcher, scholar, and teacher.

Since 1979 polytekton’s scope has progressively broadened and deepened to include architectural design, book-publishing, graphic- and web-design, ceramics, print-making, as well as more conventional design/build projects such as condominium conversions, house renovations, and small buildings. This material work has been tempered by academic schooling with degrees from the University of Florida and Princeton University.

polytekton consists of the following entities that have physical bases in Ames, Iowa and Gainesville, Florida, with temporal satellite offices in various locations around the world, accompanied by less gravity-dependent manifestations in web form at the following virtual sites:

• Book Publishing (editing, design, and distribution): Culicidae Press, LLC, and Culicidae Architectural Press (now folded into Culicidae Press but still existing as an imprint of the former)
• Graphic- and Web Design (including hosting and maintenance): 918studio
• Design/Build Work: misumiwaDesign
• Video, Sound Editing, DVD/CD Design and Mastering: foghornProductions
• Shared Prose and Poetry: storyFragments
• Philanthropic Division (design for non-for-profits and educational institutions): Margaret Zach International Women Composers Library, Design Across Boundaries, Dignified Donkeys, E-co lab, Green Design Research Collaborative, Southeast Chapter Society of Architectural Historians.

A portfolio of polytekton—chronicling work that has been completed in the last thirty years—is available in separate volumes through Obvious Press.