What we do:

• Graphic design (such book interiors or book covers) and web design (including hosting and maintenance) for Culicidae Press, LLC and Culicidae Architectural Press (both peer-reviewed), Obvious Press (private label publishing for polytekton), and Big Zeppelin (special projects)

• Philanthropic work including design for non-profits and educational institutions, such as the Southeast Chapter Society of Architectural Historians, the Margaret Zach International Women Composers Library, The Alachua Consort, Hog Press (independent and nonprofit), and others…

• Shared prose and poetry: notArchitecture

A portfolio of polytekton—chronicling work that has been completed in the last thirty years—is available in separate volumes through Obvious Press.


Design for ISU Rome Show

Designs of the poster announcing the end-of-semester Rome show of architecture and landscape archite…

Design for Hog Press Logo

We were tasked recently with the design for a non-profit book publishing house, Hog Press. Here̵…

Book Cover for Ben Jacks

Here is the final book cover I designed for Ben Jacks’ book The Architect’s Tour: Notes…

New Lecture Poster

Here’s the final lecture poster for the Spring Semester Lecture Series in the Iowa State Unive…

Website update

Currently working on transferring from a responsive but still quite cumbersome struct…